Prince made it rain Purple!

Prince Rogers Nelson was a songwriter, singer, record producer, multi instrumentalist and actor from America. He was popular for his flashy stage presence, electic bunch of musical talents that included playing the electric guitar, writing […]

Best rock songs of the 90s

The 90s was an era that saw the birth of some of the best rock bands and rock songs, some of which will retain their popularity for eternity. Listed below are the best rock songs […]

Best Country Songs of the 90s

The 90s was a booming time for country music. Almost every country singer, both men and women, had hits and chart toppers. Shania Twain even became a popular pop star. Listed below are some of […]

Backstreet Boys – Where Are They Now?

The American boy-band that rocked the 90s ‘Backstreet Boys’ are the best-selling boy band in history. They are also among the world’s best selling music artists with record sales of more than 100 million. After […]