90s Candies, Toffees, Soft Drinks – What the Indian Kid Grew up With!

The 90s kid in India enjoyed an assortment of candies, sweets, biscuits, toffees and soft drinks that remain obscure now

1. Candies

90s was the candy age with an assortment of some of the most amazing candies at throw-away price. While some were sold loose, the others came in different attractive packages.

rola a cola candy

Rol a Cola was Coca Cola, same great taste but solid enough to melt in the mouth!

magic pop candy

Magic Pop was enjoyable for its cracking sound in the mouth and its amazing taste.

mango bite

Mango Bite has been banned since 2012 but back in the 90s, it was a go-to candy.


If you had nothing but a  few pennies with you, you could do with these assorted, unbranded candies

games sweets

Gems were glamorous looking colorful candies that could pacify a group of argumentative friends.

chatmola candy

Chatmola had a chatpata taste and was a haven for ‘chaat’ lovers.

pan pasand candy

Pan Pasand had a unique candy flavor of ‘paan’, a rage in the 90s.

poppins candies

If you couldn’t do with Gems, you could do with Poppins.

2. Toffies

kismi toffee

Kismi toffee had a nice cardamom-taste that our taste buds loved to the tilt. They are still a cheap thrill to many of us, as they continue to keep our teeth sticky.

naka cookies

Koka Naka toffees had great taste and fit in right with the time-pass culture of the 90s,

lacto king toffee

Lacto King toffees had their own crazy fan following.

lacto bonbon toffee

For those who loved their chocolates milky, Lacto Bon-Bon offered the much needed respite.

 3. 90s Chocolates


kitkat chocolates

 90s was the period when Nestle made inroads into India with their chocolates.  Some of their best-sellers were Nestle Kit Kat, Milky Bar, Bar One and Polo. They added more to their growing section of confectioneries but  some of the aforementioned brands continue to be popular.

cadbury nullies chocolte

Cadbury held its own with its amazing offerings. The Dairy Milk is a perennial favorite now but what took our breath away was the amazing ‘kuch khaas hain’ TV commercial that has still not found its equal.  Cadbury Nutties were also a big hit in the 90s.

4. Biscuits of the 90s

marie biscuits 90s

Marie Biscuits had little competition in the 9o. Along with Parle G, Marie ruled as the preferred biscuit brand in the 90s, a perfect tea accompaniment.

Nice biscuits

Nice biscuits were a sugary delight,  for those who liked sugar sprinkles on their biscuits.

bourbon biscuits

Bourbon biscuits were a delight with chocolate lovers.  Though the brand was first introduced in 1910, it became popular in India in the 90s. It is a sandwich style biscuit with two long oblong shaped dark chocolate biscuits with buttercream chocolate filling inside it.  Do we hear a hmmm?

good day biscuits 90s

Britannia fortified its base with Good Day biscuits. Priced relatively higher than the norm, they came in variants like Good Day Cashew, Butter and Pista-Badam.

5. Soft Drinks in the 90s

90s Gold Spot

A brand with a fancy name,  Gold Spot was the choice of the young generation in the late 80s and early 90s.

campa cola

Campa Cola, created by Pure Drinks in the 70s, came with a slogan ‘Great Indian Taste’. It was a market leader for soft drinks in the 80s and early 90s, till Pepsi and Coke came back and gulped it away.

Thril soft drink (1)

Thril soft drink boasted of a few celebrity endorsements, it had a Thums-Up like taste and enjoyed a niche, dedicated fan following.

90s rasna

If guests were to arrive, it meant Rasna would be stocked in the fridge.

90s – Creative Candies and Foods that Make You Nostalgic

cigarette sweets

phantom cigarettes

For people who wanted to feel stylish with a cigarette without nicotine in it, there was a sweet benefactor in the form of  ‘sweet cigarettes’.

Pepsi 90s

Those were the days 50 paise could buy you this delicious sweet.  Called ‘Pepsi’ for unknown reasons,  it was flavored ice-candy packed in translucent plastic.  90s kids would remember how they would buy them in groups and walk all the way to the bus stop, savoring the taste of the sweet  after a boring day at  school.

uncle chipps wafers

Uncle Chipps potato wafers made for great company when guests were home.

aam pachak churan

fatafat candy swad candy

old Hajmola

Swad, Aam Pachak, Fatafat and  Hajmola  promised great taste with digestive benefit, to boot.

90s chiclets chewing gum

Chiclets was the preferred chewing gum brand in the 90s.

buddi ka baal candy floss

Who can forget Buddi ka Baal? The visual appealing candy floss were a rage in the 90s and  are attractive enough to pique the curiosity of kids today.