Baywatch Cast – Where are They Now?

Baywatch is one of the most popular action drama series of the 90s, based on Los Angeles County lifeguards who patrol the beaches in Los Angeles County. The show premiered on NBC in 1989, but was actually canceled after 1st season, because it ranked a dismal 73rd out of 103 shows and also because of the fact that GTG, the studio, went into losses.

Baywatch went on to become a cult show when David Hasselhoff along with the producers of the show revived it again for syndication in 1991. The show ran successfully all the way, till 1999 becoming a cult TV show not only in US. A spin-off show called ‘Baywatch Hawaii’ also did well and ran from 1999 to 2001. A reunion movie on Baywatch called Baywatch –Hawaiian Wedding released in 2003.

The plot of Baywatch

Baywatch 90s show

Baywatch dealt with the lives and times of lifeguards in the Los Angeles Beach, their relationships, their professionalism and their challenges, with generous dosage of bitter-sweet moments. Some of the themes that were dealt in the show related to shark attacks, nuclear bombs, earthquakes, rescue operations are more.

Baywatch Cast, Where are They now?

david hasselhoff baywatch photo david hasselhoff baywatch

David Hasselhoff – He was 39 when he started working on Baywatch; today he is 63. Hasselhoff played the memorable role of Mitch Buchannon, who went on to become a permanent fixture of the show. He presently lives in Southern California with his two daughters and pets that comprise five dogs. He played a lead role in Sharknado 3- Oh Hell No! which released on July 22, 2015. He is also a part of the new musical, ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life’.

pamela anderson baywatch

Pamela Anderson – When she was in Baywatch, Pamela Anderson was in her mid-20s. She played the character of CJ Parker. Today, she is 48 and is an active advocator of animal rights. A vegetarian since teens, she is now a vegan. A PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), she has led several campaigns for animal rights. She divorced film producer Rick Salomon in April 2015, after she had remarried him. She has dual Canadian and American citizenship.

yasmine bleeth baywwatch

yasmine bleeth pictures

yasmine bleeth baywatch photo

Yasmine Bleeth – During Baywatch days, the then 24 year old was dating Matthew Perry. Yasmine Bleeth played the character of Caroline Holden in Baywatch. She met her future husband Paul Cerrito in a rehab clinic called Promises. They married in Santa Barbara in 2002 and now live together in their two homes in Scottdale Arizona and Los Angeles. She quit entertainment world, her last movie was ‘Game Over’ (2003) and her last TV show was Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.

Erika Eleniak baywatch photo Erika Eleniak baywatch

Erika Eleniak – Then a svelte 23 year old, she has still retained her fabulous figure and looks striking hot at 46, now. She played the role of Shauni McCain in Baywatch. She was in Desperate Housewives in 2010. Eleniak married twice, the first husband was Philip Goglia, whom she married in May 1998, only to be divorced six months later. While shooting for a movie called Snowbound in Calgary, Alberta; Eleniak fell in love with a keygrip on the sets, known as Roch Daigle. She finally bought a home in Calgary and the two lived together. Eleniak and Roch have daughter called Indyanna, born in January 2006.

nicole eggert

Nicole Eggert – She was 22 when she played Summer Quinn in Baywatch. She went on do a few movies and TV shows over the next decade. In 2013, she was a part of a reality show called ‘Splash’. She was engaged to the late actor Haim, and was known to have helped save his life during one of the addictive spells, by rushing him to detox. In retrospect she said,” I don’t think I saved his life, I was just there when he needed me.” Eggerrt went on to marry actor Justin Herwick in 2000, they have two daughters Dilyn and Keegan.

alexandra paul baywatch pictures alexandra paul baywatch

Alexandra Paul – Then 28, the svelte Paul played the character of Lt. Stephanie Holden in Baywatch. A multifaceted personality, apart from acting in movies and TV, she has also co-written and co-produced documentaries on the crisis of world population. She is a founding member on the board for Plug In America, for the promotion and development of electric cars.

David Charvet baywatch

David Charvet – The French actor and singer was 19 years old when he played Matt Brody in Baywatch. His last movie was Prisoners of the Sun in 2013. In 2010, Charvet was the contestant of the popular French reality show La Ferme Célébrités. He married Brooke Burke (the American reality show star) in 2011.

Baywatch – The Movie (2016)

alexandra daddario baywatch summer quinn baywatch 2016

Baywatch is scheduled to release as a comedy movie in 2015, to be produced by Paramount Pictures and director Seth Gordon. She plays the role of the lifeguard Summer, who is in love with another life guard played by Zac Effron. Dwayne Johnson also stars in the film.