Demetrius Shipp Jr. – Tupac Shakur is Back with ‘All Eyez on Me’

Demetrius Shipp Jr. is an American actor and music producer. He was born in Carson, California on Nov 20, 1988.

Shipp has played the role of rapper 2Pac (Tupac) Shakur in the 2017 biopic film ‘All Eyez on Me.’ Jamal Woolard who previously starred in the 2009 movie ‘Notorious’ as The Notorious B.I.G. has also acted in the film about 2Pac.

Demetrius’ father, Shipp Sr., had produced a song called ‘Toss It Up’ for 2Pac. The song was a part of the album ‘The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.’ The album was the first posthumous release of Tupac’s music.


  • Before Demetrius became an actor, he had a job at Target and worked as a dish installer for the Dish Network.
  • In addition to the above mentioned regular jobs, Shipp Jr. also worked as a music producer. His inclination was always towards creating great music. Before he got the acting offer, he was trying to find the next great singer and collaborate with him/her. He had no interest in acting.
  • Shipp can play the keyboard at an amateur level. He does not rap. His favorite things include listening to awesome music and discovery of musical talents.
  • Shipp had no professional acting experience before he was cast as Tupac in the movie. He had previously acted in a play when he was in the sixth grade.
  • Ever since high school, Demetrius has been told by friends and co-workers that he looked a lot like 2Pac.
  • Due to his lack of interest in acting Shipp did not want to audition for the biopic movie. But one of his friends told him that he may be able to get the part due to his striking similarity to Tupac. He heeded his friend’s advice to try out this new professional world and eventually sent his audition tape.
  • Shipp Sr. gave the audition tape to LT Hutton who was one of the producers of ‘All Eyez on Me.’ The father had previously worked with Hutton at Death Row and hence knew him personally.
  • The audition tape of Demetrius was submitted to the filmmakers five years before they sat him down at the table and informed him that he had got the main lead.
  • Since Shipp looked Tupac’s doppelganger, he did not undergo any major touchups in the makeup room.
  • Once the 5 feet 7 inch tall Demetrius was selected to play the lead role, he extensively researched about the legendary singer’s life. He also listened to Tupac’s music 24×7 to gain a better understanding of his psyche and what drove him to become such a powerful artist.
  • After completing the shoot for ‘All Eyez on Me,’ Demetrius fell in love with the profession and art of making movies. He wants to continue acting and make a career out of it.

Demetrius Shipp. Jr – Pictures

Demetrius Shipp Jr Tupac Comparison

The uncanny similarity of Demetrius Shipp Jr. with Tupac Shakur is commendable. The facial features of the two look quite similar as is evident from these pictures.