Marla Pennington – Where is she now?

Marla Lynn Pennington, is an American television and film actress, best known for portraying the character of ‘Joan Lawson’ on the hit syndication sci-fi comedy series ‘Small Wonder’, where she played the ‘adopted’ mother to the title character ‘Vicki’, an android human girl’.

Pennington made her television debut in 1974 with the show ‘Lucas Tanner’, appearing in just one episode. Her other significant role included that of Leslie Walker on the successful ABC show ‘Soap’. She made her feature film debut with the 1976 film ‘Jim the World’s Greatest’.


Early Life and Education

Pennigton was born to her parents in the city of Burbank in California, USA on 5 March 1954. She was also raised in the same city and completed her high school education from Burbank.

Pennington started a career in the industry at the age of 19, while she was a still a student and was known for portraying a ‘counter girl’ in various television commercials.

Career Rise

One of the most-prominent roles of Pennington’s career includes that of the recurring character ‘Leslie Walker’ in the ABC series ‘Soap’. She also played Fonzie’s love interest on ‘Happy Days’ and made an appearance on the telefilm ‘The Morning After’.  Her other credits include ‘Charlies Angels’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘General Hospital’. She also appeared in the feature film ‘National Lampoon’s Class Reunion’.

Her role as ‘Jane Lawson’ on small wonder, proved to be the most successful role of her career, on a show that ran for 4 seasons. ‘Small wonder’ served as her last acting role, after which she decided to take time off to focus on her family.

As of now, she is away from the limelight. She has fond memories of ‘Small Wonder’ and has even provided commentary for ‘Small Wonder’ DVD set.


Marla Pennington – Husband

Pennigton has been married twice. She was earlier married to Howard Baker in 1997, but divorced him soon. She later started dating and married Thomas Patrick Rowan, an entertainment lawyer in 1988. Together, the couple have a daughter named Kat and a son named Dan.

Net Worth

Marla Pennington’s net worth is an estimated $800,000.