Remembering Doris Roberts! (Favorite Granny of the Entertainment World)

The favorite granny of entertainment world, Doris Roberts passed away on April 17, 2016 at age 90s, in Los Angeles, California. An accomplished actress, she has been a part of some of the most memorable sitcoms and TV shows of the 80s and 90s. She was best known for her role as Raymond’s mother  ‘Marie Barone’ in  Everybody Loves Raymond. She was also the part of the 80s hit show ‘Remington Steele’ where she played the part of Mildred Krebs.

Doris Roberts was born in St.Louis, Missouri  in the year 1925. When she was very young, her father deserted the family and her mother raised her with the help of her parents.  Doris took on the last name of her step father Chester H. Roberts.  Doris’s mother and step-father worked together, running a stenographic service that catered to actors and writers, known as Z.L.Rosenfield Agency.

 Career Rise

Doris Roberts began acting since 1951 with a role in the TV show called ‘Starlight Theater’.  Then she went on do to TV shows like Studio One in Hollywood,  Suspense, Look Up and Live,  Naked City, Ben Casey and CBS Playhouse in the 50s and 60s. In the year 1961, she debuted in a movie called ‘Something Wild’.

In the 70s, she acted in shows like Medical Center, All in the Family, Soap, Angie , Fantasy Island and It Happened  One Christmas.

doris roberts full house

People have nostalgic memories from the shows that Doris Roberts did in the 80s and 90s, especially Remington Steele, Full House, Murder, She Wrote; Step by Step, The Boys and Everybody Loves Raymond (which went on from 1996 to 2005).

doris roberts remington steele

For Remington Steele, the writers had thought of a female character who would vie for attention of Mr. Steele (Pierce Brosnan) and make Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) jealous. But when Doris Roberts was called out to read out the lines during the audition, she was so convincing that the makers felt that they should retain her and do away with the character they formerly had in mind. Thus the character of the much older but funny ‘Mildred Grebs’ was created.

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For the role of the Emmy-award winning performance in Everybody Loves Raymond, Doris Roberts was one of the hundred women being shortlisted. She proved to be the right choice for the role of ‘Marie Barone’, the mother of Raymond in the show, which ran successfully from 1996 to 2005.

Post 2000, Doris Roberts acted for her brief appearances in TV shows like Touched by an Angel,  A Time to Remember, Our House,  The Middle,  Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Melissa & Joey. The last TV show, she did was ‘Touched’ in 2014.

Among the movies she did, some of the memorable Doris Roberts films are A Lovely Way to Die, Such Good Friends, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,  Ruby and Oswald, No way to Treat a Lady and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Besides TV and movies, Doris Roberts has also acted in various Broadway shows like ‘The Last of the Red Hot Lovers’ and ‘The Desk Set’.

Doris Roberts – Young Pictures

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doris roberts young pics

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She won four Emmy awards of the seven times (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series) she was nominated for her role in Everybody Loves Raymond. She also won ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series’ for her role in St. Elsewhere.


Doris Roberts along with Danelle Morton wrote a book called ‘ Are You Hungry, Dear? Life, Laughs and Lasagna’, which was her personal memoir, and included some of her recipes.

 Social Work

Doris Roberts was an active animal rights activist. She worked for an organization called ‘Puppies Behind Bars’  which helps in training dogs that take care of the elderly and physically disabled, and the ones that are used by law enforcement to detect explosives.  She was also the chairwoman of ‘Children with AIDS Foundation’.

Doris Roberts – Husband

Doris Roberts married Michael Cannata; they split in 1962.  She has one son from him called Michael Cannata Jr.   She has three grand-children named Andrew, Kelsey and Devon. She married writer William Goven  in 1963, until he passed away in 1983.

Doris Roberts  – Net Worth

Her net worth is $15 million.

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Doris  Roberts  – Death Reason

The actress who was known to be active till her last day, died in her sleep, due to natural causes.