The Best Romantic Movies of the 90s

The 90s had some of the best romantic movies which created a huge emotional impact without being cheesy or cliched. Meg Ryan was America’s sweetheart followed by Julia Roberts Both were queens of romance  starring in some of the most romantic films of the decade. Here is the list of the top ten which continue to tug your heart strings.

titanic pose romantic scene

Titanic – This 1997 epic romance drama directed by James Camerson was a fictionalized love-story of Jack and Rose from different socio-economic backgrounds on the backdrop of RMS Titanic. The movie at the time of the making was as doomed as Titanic the ship itself, with its budget overshooting to tragic proportions. But James Cameron held on to his dream and when the movie released on November 1, 1997, it created history. It created stars out of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. Titanic went on to become the most romantic and popular movie of the 90s with its theme song – ‘My Heart Will Go On’ becoming the most popular romantic song of the decade. Titanic won 11 Oscars, tying with Ben Hur (1959), which is the number of maximum number of Academy Awards for any film. Made with a budget of $200 millloin, it went on to make more than $2 billion.

Notting Hill movie scene

Notting Hill – Released on May 21 1999.this heart-warming British romantic comedy met with a stupendous response at the box office. The movie was directed by Roger Mitchell and starred Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhy Ifans in lead roles. It was also the highest grossing British film of that year. The plot revolved around a simple bookshop owner whose life changes when the most popular Hollywood star drops by his store to check out a few books. Made with $43 million, it went on to earn $363 million as box office returns.

pretty woman necklace scene

Pretty Woman –Released on March 23, 1990, this romantic comedy spawned a series of feel-good romantic comedies for the 90s decade. The movie created stars out of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, the lead pair. The movie revolved around a wealthy businessman Edward Lewis who asks a prostitute Vivian Ward to be his escort for business meeting and social functions. Over a week-long period of their stay, they begin to develop romantic feelings towards each other. Made with a budget of $14 million, it went to earn $463 million in the box-office.

you've got mail meg ryan

You’ve Got Mail – This romantic comedy released December 18. 1998 was about two business rivals who do not quite like each other, but fall in love online, sending romantic mails to each other. The movie starred Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in lead-roles and was directed by Nora Ephron. Made with a budget of $65 million, it went to earn #250 million as box-office returns.

sleepless in seattle tom hanks

Sleepless in Seattle – Directed by Nora Ephron, this romantic-drama is about a recently widowed man’s son who calls into a radio talk-show to find a partner for his dad. The movie released on June 15, 1993 and met with a terrific response. Kim Bassinger and Julia Roberts were approached for the role, they rejected it before it fell on the lap of Meg Ryan. Made with a budget of $21 million, the movie went on to earn $227 million in the box-office.

four weddings and a funeral

Four Weddings and Funeral – This British romantic comedy film released January 20, 1994 went on to create history as the highest grossing British film of all time. The movie was directed by Mike Newell and starred Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell in the lea-roles. The movie was made rather quickly in just six weeks with a budget of £2.8 million and earned £154 million ($245.7 million) besides securing an Academy Award Nomination for the Best Picture.

my best friend wedding julia roberts

My Best Friend’s Wedding – This Julia Roberts movie which also co-starred Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz was one of the highest grossing films of 1997. This is the second-best known movie of Julia Roberts after Pretty Wedding. The movie was directed by P.J.Hogan. Made with a budget of just $38 million, it went on earn $300 million at the box office. When Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) realizes that her guy friend is getting engaged, she discovers that she is in love with him and tries her best to get him right before the D-day.

while you were sleeping sandra bullock bill pullman

While You were Sleeping – Directed by Jon Turteltaub, this movie released on April 21, 1995 starred Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman in lead-roles. Ticket-collector Lucy Eleanor Moderatz (Sandra Bullock) has a secret crush on the handsome passenger Peter Callaghan (Bill Pullman). One day, she rescues him from being overrun by a train and rushes him in a comatose state in a hospital. The hospital staff mistakes her as his fiancée. Made with a budget of $ $17 milloin, it earned $182 at the box-office.

ghost romantic scene pottery

Ghost – Released July 13, 1990, this romantic fantasy movie starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in lead-roles. The plot involves a couple Sam Wheat(Patrick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) who move into an apartment in New York City. Sam’s friend Carl (Tony Goldwyn) kills him in order to get close to Molly. But Sam’s love for Molly is so strong that he remains on Earth as a ghost and take the help of a psychic (Whoopi Goldberg) to warn Molly about his friend’s ulterior motives. Made with a budget of $22 million, it went on to earn $505 million in 1990. If it is adjusted for inflation, Ghost is one of the top 100 grossers of all-time.

french kiss movie meg ryan kevin kline

French Kiss – Released in 1995, this Lawrence Kasdan movie starred Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline in lead-roles. A woman takes a flight to go to France to espy on her philandering lover; the person seated next to her on the flight is a charming crook who uses her as a bait for smuggling a diamond. The movie inspired numerous remakes especially in India, where three films were based on the same premise.