Tiffany Brissette (Vicki from Small Wonder Years) – Where is she now?

Tiffany Michelle Brissette is a popular former American child artist who found world wide-recognition for portraying the role of the 10 year old robotic human girl V.I.C.I (pronounced Vicky) on the comedy sci-fi sitcom title ‘Small Wonder’.

Brissette worked on the award winning show that won her two Young Artist Awards in the years 1985 and 1986. She retired from the industry soon after the show wrapped up.

Early Life and Education

Brissette was born to her parents in the city of Paradise, California, USA on 26 December 1974. She attended the Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. She has also worked as a Nanny during her youth.

Career Rise

Brissette was entered into various pageants and talent show by her mother since she was about two years old. She made appearances on the “Care Bears”, “IBM”, “Florida Orange Juice” and”Jell-O Puddin’ Pops” commercial, appearing with Bill Cosby.

Brissette’s first film appearance came in 1983 with ‘Heart Like a Wheel’. She also had a small role on 1985 show ‘Webster’. Brissette’s career break-through came with the title role of ‘V.I.C.I. on the syndication sci-fi comedy ‘Small Wonder’, where she portrayed a 10 year old android human girl. The show enjoyed a run of four years. Brisette then appeared on the shows ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ and ‘Equal Justice’ from 1990-1991, the latter of which marked her final television appearance.


Tiffany Brissette – Movies

She has given voice for a TV movie called ‘A Woman Called Golda'(1982). She also gave voice (uncredited) to Caravan of Courage -An Ewok Adventure (1982).

 Where is Tiffany Brissette now?

After Brissette bid adieu to the industry, she has preferred to keep her private life private. It is not known whether she is dating or married to anybody. Brissette studied to be a nurse and served as a registered nurse in Boulder, Colorado. Brissette has not made a television appearance in more than twenty years now.