Where is Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense kid) now?

Haley Joel Osment is a popular American actor, who started his career as a child artist. Osment debuted in 1994 with the film ‘Forrest Gump’ in which he played the role of Forrest Gump Jr., the son of the title character portrayed by Tom Hanks. He rose to fame with his role in M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller ‘The Sixth Sense’ and even received an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor.

Osment later appeared in the Steven Spielberg film A.I, Artificial Intelligence and received critical acclaim. As a child actor, he also appeared on the television shows ‘Thunder Alley’ from 1994-1995 and ‘The Jeff Foxworthy Show’ from 1995-1997. In the recent times, Osment has appeared on the show ‘Comedy Bang! Bang! where he portrays the character of ‘slow Joey’. He has also lent his voice to the Video Game series ‘Kingdom’.

Early Life and education

Osment was born on 10 April 1988 in Los Angeles, California to Film and theatre actor Michael Eugene Osment and teacher Theresa Seifert. Both his parents are native of Birmingham, Alabama. Osment an elder sister named Emily Osment who is also an actress. The Osments raised their children as Roman Catholics.

Osment attended the Flintridge Preparatory School in La Cañada, California and loved sports including wrestling, basketball, football and golf as a child. He later attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and graduated in the year 2011.

Haley Osment – sister Emily

His sister Emily is four years younger than him, and is a popular actress and singer. She has also been a popular child artiste working in movies like Spy Kids 3-D and Spy Kids 2, Hannah Montana and Dadpapped. She has also recorded popular teen hits like ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ and ‘I Don’t think about It’

 Career Rise

Osment won his first television role on ‘Thunder Alley’, a sitcom on ABC which ran from 1994-1995. He also made his feature film debut in 1994, with the film ‘Forrest Gump’ with Tom Hanks in the title role and Osment playing his son, Forrest Gump Jr. During this time, he also appeared on the TV shows ‘Thunder Alley’ and ‘The Jeff Foxworthy Show’.

Osment achieved stardom with his appearance in the 1999 film ‘The Sixth Sense’ directed by M. Night Shyamalan and co-starring Bruce Willis. Osment portrayed the psychic child Cole Sear and was awarded a Saturn Award for his performance. His line from the film “I see dead people” ranks at number 44 out of 100 on the list of the most popular phrases in American films. He also received an Academy award nomination for best actor in a supporting role but lost to Michael Caine. He later worked with Caine in ‘Secondhand Lions’. Osment received another Saturn award for his portrayal of David on the 2001 sci-fi film ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ directed by Steven Spielberg.

Some of Osment’s recent works include films like ‘The Jungle Book’ (2003), Sex Ed (2014), Yoga Hosers (2016) and television shows like ‘Family Guy’, ‘Alpha House’, ‘Comedy Bang!Bang!’ and ‘Silicon Valley’.


Personal Life

Osment stated that he loves golf and has been playing it since he was 7. He has played for the American Team in the 2005 All Star Cup under the leadership of Mark O’Meara and even participated in the annually held Celebrity Golf Tournament; Michael Douglas & Friends.

In July 2006, Osment was involved in an automobile accident where he overturned his car, striking a brick mailbox, and suffered multiple injuries including fractured shoulder blade, broken ribs and several cuts and abrasions. He was held for 1 count each of DUI and Drug possession where he pleaded no contest. Osment was given a sentence of three years in probation, a $1500 fine, and 60 hours of alcohol rehabilitation and was made to attend at least 26 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings lasting over six months.

Net Worth

Osment has an estimated net worth of approximately $12 Million.

Where is Haley Osment now?

He was pictured with a blonde girlfriend two years ago; she was considerably taller to his 1.63 frame.  The actor lives in New York and pursues his musical talents including piano and guitar. His TV shows for 2017 include Teachers, Oasis, Silicon Valley and Future Man.