Where is Lene Nystrøm of ‘Aqua’ now?

Lene Nystrøm Rasted is a popular Norwegian singer and songwriter, better known as Lene, which is her stage name. Nystrøm-Rasted became an over-night sensation when she became a member of the Danish Pop band Aqua, in which she was named the lead vocalist. The band’s song ‘Barbie Girl’ became an international hit.

After her band Aqua broke up, Nystrøm-Rasted established herself as a solo artist and released several singles and an album ‘Play With Me’. Some of her popular singles include “It’s Your Duty”, “Pretty Young Thing” and “Virgin Superstar”. She also co-wrote several songs along with the English song-writing and production company, Xenomania. In 2017, Nystrøm-Rasted reunited with ‘Aqua’ and the band released an album featuring its greatest hits.

Early Life and Education

Nystrøm-Rasted was born in Tønsberg, Norway on 2 October 1973 to her mother Berit Nystrøm and father Tore Nystrøm. While her mother is a home-maker, her father worked as a supervisor for Elf, a Hydro company in the North Sea. Nystrøm-Rasted has one sibling, a sister named Emilie. As a child, Nystrøm-Rasted was very interested in sports and often practiced various out-door sport games with her father.

Nystrøm-Rasted completed her college education and enrolled herself into a guide school. As a teenager, she developed an interest in becoming a performer and soon began modelling. For a short period of time, she took up a job as a bartender. From 1990-1993, Nystrøm-Rasted appeared on ‘Casino’, a Norwegian game show, that aired on TVNorge.

Career Rise

Nystrøm-Rasted was spotted and employed by Rene Dif, a musician and member of Aqua (then Joyspeed) who named her as the lead singer of his music group along with fellow band members Claus Norreen and Søren Rasted. Nystrøm-Rasted’s career took off after Aqua became a world-wide hit with chart-topping songs such as ‘Barbie Girl’, ‘Roses Are Red’, ‘My Oh My’ etc.

Nystrøm-Rasted continued a career as a solo artist after Aqua broke up and released her first solo album ‘Play with Me’ in 2003, with which she shifted from bubblegum pop to R&B. The album featured the singles “Virgin Superstar”, “It’s Your Duty” and “Pretty Young Thing”, Apart from recording solo albums, Lene also co-wrote a few songs with the English song-writing and production company, Xenomania. Along with Xenomania, she wrote “We Wanna Party”, which she also recorded. She also wrote “You Freak Me Out” and “No Good Advice”. Nystrøm-Rasted reunited with Aqua members in 2007, released new songs such as “Spin Me a Christmas”, “My Mamma Said”, and “Live Fast, Die Young” and also released an album featuring all their greatest hits. In 2009, Nystrøm-Rasted was cast in an important role in the Danish film ‘Deliver Us from Evil’. Her other recent work includes the Aqua single “How R U Doin?” and the album ‘Megalomania’.


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Husband and Children

The 1.7 meter tall  Lene Nystrøm-Rasted met Søren Rasted when they became members of Aqua. The couple dated for a few years and eventually tied the knot on 25 August 2001. Their wedding ceremony was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. After three years of their marriage, the couple left London to move to Høvelte, Denmark which was just at a 1 mile distance from her husband’s home-town Blovstrød.

Together the couple have two children; a daughter named India Rasted born in 2004 and a son named Billy Rasted born in 2006. In 2017, the couple announced their separation and were officially divorced in April 2017, after staying married for sixteen years.

Lene Nystrøm Net Worth

Nystrøm-Rasted has an estimated net worth of approximately $6,000,000.