Why did Friends end?

Bidding farewell to Friends had been tough. The heartwarming ending of the show made a lot of Friends fan go teary eyed, Even after so many years the ‘Friends rerun’ evoke nostalgic memories of the 90s. The viewers who are now in their mid-20s, 30s or early 40s end up seeing something special in the reruns too . The craze for the six friends goofing around is still very much alive.

Why did Friends end in the first place?

Well, to put it sweetly, all things; good or bad come to an end and we move on to other things. However, there are some facts that lead to the closure of one of the most watched TV shows of the 90s. The first thing is the length of time.  ‘Friends’ dragged for too long,  people became accustomed to the behavioral traits, punchlines and eccentricities of the characters, they were not unpredictable anymore . The equation of  Ross and Rachel, on-again-off-again started to lose its charm. People wanted some movement in the relationship. It was stagnating the show. After Emma, their baby daughter, came to picture, people hoped for a happy ending. However, that did not happen. The relationship broke again.

friends last episode the last one

Friends last scene

Apart from the dragging issues, the characters grew with time. They had accomplished what they were expected to, in their lives. Phoebe Buffay finally found her man. Monica and Chandler got their desired twins. Joey, well, Joey being what he was, accomplished something in the end.

There was not much place for the show to go on anymore.


Final Episode of Friends – ‘The Last One’

Called ‘The Last One’, it is the finale series of ‘Friends’. The telecast date was May 6, 2004, aired on NBC in the US.  The series finale was in the form of a two-part episode (episodes 17 and 18) for Season 10.  Written by Marta Kauffman and David Crane and directed by Kevin S.Bright, the last episode of Friend was historical in every sense of the world –  it was viewed by 52.5 million people, making it the most viewed TV show till that time and the 6th most watched TV series finale in the US history. For the entire 2000 decade, there was no show that could beat Friends in the popularity, as far as the final episode was concerned.  The show aired on Canada on the same date was not only the most watched episode of the series but also the most watched and highest rated episode for any sitcom aired in the country.

friends final episode

friends last finale episode

The final episode of Friends was more like a closure for storylines that were going on and on. Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) proposes his love for Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) and she accepts.  Monica Geller (Courteney Fox) and Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) move to the suburbs, they also adopt twins.  In the very end, we see all the central characters leaving their homes for one last time and having a cup of coffee at Central Park.